• Natalie Nider

Imitators of Transgressive Fiction

These hacks couldn't get the same recognition as the authors they imitate if they got on their knees and sucked their dick.

Here's my sidenote opinion on writing in transgressive fiction and dirty realism: There are too many motherfucking writers out here that are overrated plagiarists. Hack writers. Imitation is their only way to write. Mockery.

Don't get me wrong. I love transgressive fiction and dirty realism and I wholely believe it to be the best genre out there for a plethora of reasons. However ...

I cannot stomach some of these writers. I see too many writers trying to be Charles Bukowski, be Ernest Hemingway, be Chuck Palahunick, or some other writer of the genre. Not many of the transgressive fiction writers I come across have any original thought or ability to come up with their own shit or even their own experiences. They just copy what they think the genre wants, what others have done and succeeded at, and call it a day.

There's been a few authors that I have met in the past two years, that I have had to talk myself out of naming, who are fake as fuck about their craft. Ones that have finally tipped me over the edge.

It's one thing to be inspired by other authors. It's a whole other thing to be blatantly trying to imitate another author. It's cheap.

It's fucking insulting to the writers of the genre who have bent over backward to put words to a page and never once were trying to be another author. It's insulting to the writers who have some damn integrity about them. But especially insulting to the writers who have experienced many of the topics that they write about because it is transgressive fiction after all.

It's pathetic.

There isn't any room for imitation in transgressive fiction.

Imitation is not the highest form of flattery. It's fucking annoying and the readers of transgressive fiction aren't buying into that shit. You can't con someone into turning a page.

Funny thing is, these writers are some of the most pretentious most arrogant people like they have the talent to back it up or something. Reading their work is like watching them jerk off on a page. They are full of themselves. They have some grandiose idea screwed into their head that they are just as good, if not better than the author they are imitating. They've told themselves they're the shit so much that they believe it without working for it and going out and gaining the talent themselves.

Some of them even make this claim on their author's note before the book even begins.

Now, I'm not one to go out looking to start a fight. I'll play sweet and nice 'cause I don't have the fucking time to get into a Twitter/Instagram battle when they know what I know and that is that they're a waste of a damn page. But I will make time if makes setting the record straight and making sure that they know that the writers of transgressive fiction and these hack writers are not the same.

These people are fucking with the genre I care about and I do not appreciate it.

Thanks to all the writers I have met who are doing their own thing and don't make a mockery of transgressive fiction. You make the genre what it is. Keep at it.

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