• Natalie Nider

For My Amusement ... set the date.

The time has come.

There is finally an official release date set in motion for my transgressive fiction debut, For My Amusement.

And today I want to share with you what I have been working my nails down to bone about.

If you haven't already done so or want to get better acquainted with For My Amusement go read this, an introduction to this little painful labor of toxic love of mine.

Palm trees and scorching hot air with sunlight so bright it's blinding. The sunshine state is the home of nine problematic people who are all just trying to get through the day with the resources available to them.

Rachel, someone at the start of a downward spiral. Amber, a woman whose appearance and identity have a price tag. Nash, a cokehead with nowhere to be and nowhere to go. Colson, a drug dealer with an innocent motive. Jeanne, a washed-up ballet dancer living in a retirement community. Angelina, a hooker with a backup plan. Erin, a widow looking for a new start in a new state. Grace, a young single mother of two. Moira, a martyr in her own mind.

"It's my world ... you just live in it."

For My Amusement by Natalie Nider


For My Amusement is my debut transgressive fiction short story collection that is made up of nine stories. Intimate, gritty, and illicit. It will pull you through the palm trees and through paraphernalia.

I will be releasing three of the nine short stories for free as teasers before its release. Read more about them here.

Which leaves the release date ...

September 1st of 2021

And to celebrate the official release date we are doing a giveaway.

Use this link or the QR code above to enter to win a free signed copy of For My Amusement.

The deadline ends August 30th and on the day of For My Amusement's release, I will be announcing three winners. Those three winners will get a free signed copy and extreme thanks from yours truly.

Thank you all for your immense support and especially your patience with me in this process.

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