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Any Day You Can Die by Thommy Waite - Book Review

"In order to write about life first you must live it." ~ Ernest Hemingway

At some point or another we have all felt like we needed to smack the reset button on our lives. I've had more than a few quarter life crises by now. Any Day You Can Die is a story about Australian expat, Tony Fletcher. Fletcher is in desperate need of a hard reset. From Melbourne, Australia to Medellin, Columbia he sets out to find that. What happens next is something that he didn't anticipate ... the method in which he will continue his new exotic lifestyle: cryptocurrency

"A tell-all gringo adventure that makes you want to delete Facebook, drink mojitos, and hope your small crypto fortune someday turns to platinum gold." - Frothtown

The first and foremost reason why this novel was so entertaining to read was not just the relatability that Waite perfectly gets across in his protagonist ...

But because the point of transgressive fiction is for the author to point out something about ourselves that we might or would never publicly admit to.

While reading Any Day You Can Die I found myself saying often,

yeah ... I would do the same thing ... yep that too ... same ... same ... same ... well, fuck. Tony is my kinda dude. I don't know if this book is pointing out to me some faults in my own personality and reasoning or if its letting me know that I am completely right in agreeing with him.

It's hard to not admit that the actions of Tony Fletcher aren't completely justifiable.

Many of us, if we were given the opportunity to live in another country and have a redo on our lives would take it. Even when Fletcher does some questionable things within the novel you can't help but think, I don't think I would do it any differently if I were in the same position. That is the epitome of transgressive fiction.

Any Day You Can Die has the style and instant literary punch that reminds me of Chuck Palahniuk.

Thommy Waite writes crisp clear cut storytelling that you find yourself getting addicted to, addicted to the protagonist especially.

"The story of an Australian gringo expat who’s silly exploits splice out of the book like a broken condom full of bad ideas." – A Thin Slice of Anxiety


About the Author

Thommy Waite is an Australian writer and host of the podcast 'Thommy Waite's Square Record'. He is currently based in Perth.

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