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When the phrase "one person is lonely, two is company, and three is a crowd" rings all too well. The difference between those you feel comfortable enough to borrow from but not comfortable enough to lend to. When the method for problem-solving can be bought on any corner. A cokehead speeding through a mid-life crisis. Hookers that want to be your friend, or pretend to be, for the sake of passing the time. Another hooker who lives life by a philosophy centered around the little hand of a clock. An old bitch who marvels in her past glamour of being a ballerina and recites those stories to the husband and children she never had. And how dying feels like sitting at the bottom of a swimming pool with your eyes squeezed shut.


I did it all and observed it all for my amusement.


"It's my world ... you just live in it."



For My Amusement by Natalie Nider

Coming September 1, 2021
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