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Natalie Nider

Author of her upcoming debut short story collection

For My Amusement, Natalie Nider, has created this place to acknowledge the complicated individuals, characters, and experiences in transgressive fiction and dirty realism. In all their controversial glory, these genres are the most blunt and memorable of all of literature.

Natalie Nider is a fiction writer of transgressive fiction as well as the creator and blogger for Trainwreck Tendencies ... where a reader can find trainwrecks who have lived their lives outside of social norms, reviews on novels that have captured that same gritty area, and interviews with others who have their own stories to tell. 


Natalie is from southwestern Pennsylvania and has multiple years of experience writing online as well as in print.

After a regrettable hiatus from writing she has returned to her passion a better storyteller and has her own trainwreck tendencies to thank for that.


Everyone loves a trainwreck.

Natalie Nider

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